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Washington, DC

Washington, D.C.'s connection to Juneteenth is deeply ingrained in its history and role as the nation's capital.

The city's museums, monuments, and vibrant celebrations serve as a testament to its commitment to honoring African American heritage, promoting social justice, and remembering the significance of Juneteenth in the broader struggle for civil rights.

Anacostia Business Improvement District

Community Partner

The Anacostia Business Improvement District supplements existing DC government services and programs, enhances street cleaning, sponsors special events, and advocates for stakeholders.


The BID's goal is simple: maintaining a thriving, safe, clean, vibrant commercial and arts district. The Anacostia BID is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization


Reginald C. Adams

Featured Artist

Reginald C. Adams is an award winning Houston-based public artist and social activist who has dedicated his career to creating art that promotes social change. As the Founder and Artistic Director of the Absolute Equality-Juneteenth Mural Project, Adams has been instrumental in commemorating Juneteenth, a pivotal moment in American history when enslaved people in Texas were finally informed of their freedom.


The project features large-scale murals that celebrate Black culture and history, highlighting prominent historical figures and symbols of African American culture. Adams has worked closely with community members and teams of artists to create the murals, using his art as a platform to promote dialogue and raise awareness about social justice issues.


Through his powerful art, Adams has inspired unity and equality, leaving a lasting impact on communities across the country.

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