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Atlanta's connection to Juneteenth is deeply rooted in its role in the civil rights movement and its vibrant African American heritage.


The city's celebrations are a testament to its ongoing commitment to equality and justice, making Juneteenth a poignant and meaningful occasion in the heart of Georgia.

Morehouse College

Community Partner

Morehouse College is a private, historically Black, formerly Baptist men's liberal arts college located in Downtown Atlanta, Georgia. It is renowned for producing leaders and visionaries and is one of only three all-male liberal arts colleges in the U.S. Founded post-Civil War for preacher training, Morehouse has evolved into a prestigious institution emphasizing qualities like acuity, integrity, agency, brotherhood, and consequential impact . 

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Fabian Williams

Featured Artist

Fabian Williams is a visual and performance artist whose work explores themes of liberation, innovation, and joy despite systemic racism and oppressive forces at play in Black American life.


Fayetteville, NC-born and Atlanta-based, Williams employs a broad scope of source material -- commercial illustration, classic portraiture, hip hop, and civil rights iconography -- to directly confront issues of race and society’s consumption and appropriation of every facet of Black culture.


In much of his work, Williams crafts images that look toward a future in which everyone can live free and thrive.

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