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The story of Juneteenth is crucial to understanding the history of racial equality and emancipation in America, and spreading this story across the country is essential for promoting greater awareness, unity, and understanding. Now that Juneteenth is recognized as a national holiday, it is more important than ever to educate people about its significance and impact. The Absolute Equality-Juneteenth Mural Project, which features large-scale murals in cities such as Galveston TX, Shreveport LA, Houston TX, Dallas TX, Miami FL, Detroit MI, Philadelphia PA, and Chicago IL, is a powerful way to spread the story of Juneteenth and celebrate the contributions of African Americans to American history and culture. By bringing the murals to different communities, the project is creating a sense of connection and shared history, inspiring conversations and promoting greater unity and understanding.

Absolute Equality 2024

Get ready for the 2024 Absolute Equality-Juneteenth Mural Project! This year, we're expanding our mission to cities across the nation.


From Los Angeles to Washington DC, and Atlanta  to Denver, we're bringing the power of public art to celebrate Black History and the pursuit of freedom, emancipation, and Absolute Equality for all.


Join us in these vibrant cities as we continue the legacy of Juneteenth through stunning murals that tell the story of our shared history and inspire hope for the future. Get ready to be part of something truly impactful and meaningful in 2024.

Absolute Equality- Galveston, TX 2021

Old Galveston Square 2211 Strand St., Galveston, TX 77550 Artist: Reginald C. Adams & Creatives 2021

AE Shreveport Final

331 Milam St., Shreveport, LA 71101 Artist: KaDavien Baylor 2022

Absolute Equality-Miami FL 2022

Jackson's Soul Food 950 NW 3rd Ave., Miami FL 33136 Artist: Jahson Jones 2022

AE Philadelphia Mockup

Germantown ArtHaus 6228 Germantown Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19144 Artist: Keisha Denee Whatley 2023

AE Chicago 2023

Anthony Overton Elementary School 221 E 49th St, Chicago, Illinois 60615 Artist: Rahmaan Statik 2023

AE Dallas 2023

South Dallas Cultural Center 3400 S. Fitzhugh, Dallas, TX 75210 Artist: JD Moore 2023

AE Detroit Mockup

Fel'le Art Gallery 19917 Livernois, Detroit, MI 48221 Artist: Fel'le 2023

AE Miami Mockup

Paul L. Dunbar K-8 Center 505 NW 20th St, Miami, FL 33127 Artist: Tierra Armstrong 2023

AE Juneteenth Houston

African American History Research Center 1307 Victor, Houston, TX 77019 Artists: Reginald C. Adams, Santiago Perez, Prince Maduekwe, Leslie Marie-Diaz, Dantrel Bonae Boone, and Katya Dupond 2023

Absolute Equality-Juneteenth Mural Project dedication in Houston TX June 14, 2023

Absolute Equality-Juneteenth Mural Project dedication in Houston TX June 14, 2023

The Absolute Equality Juneteenth mural dedication at the African American History Research Center in Houston's historic Freedman's Town on June 14, 2023, was an extraordinary moment in history that celebrated the rich heritage and significance of Juneteenth. We are immensely grateful to Capital One, the Houston Public Library, and the Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs for their unwavering support in bringing this monumental project to fruition. Special thanks to the exceptionally talented artists Prince Maduekwe, Dantrel Bonae Boone, Santiago Perez, Lesley Marie-Diaz, and Katya Dupond whose remarkable contributions added depth and beauty to the mural. This dedication holds great importance as it marks the first official Juneteenth mural in Houston, Texas, produced by the world-renowned artist Reginald C. Adams. The mural not only reflects the indomitable spirit of the African American community but also serves as a powerful symbol of unity, resilience, and progress. It stands as a testament to the ongoing fight for equality and social justice. Moreover, the Absolute Equality-Juneteenth mural in Houston is part of a wider network of murals across Galveston, Texas, Shreveport, Louisiana, Miami, Florida, Chicago, Illinois, Detroit, Michigan, Dallas, Texas, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Together, these murals form a collective narrative that celebrates the historical significance of Juneteenth and highlights the shared struggles and triumphs of the African American community across the United States. “This is the most significant public art project that I’ve produced in my career as it brings to the forefront the narrative of Juneteenth and spreads the message of freedom and emancipation across the entire nation”, said Reginald C. Adams. The Absolute Equality-Juneteenth mural dedication was a moment of pride, reflection, and inspiration for all who attended. It serves as a reminder of our collective responsibility to uphold the values of freedom, justice, and Absolute Equality for all. This powerful artwork will continue to be a beacon of hope and a catalyst for conversations about the past, present, and future as we strive for a more inclusive and equitable society.
Absolute Equality-Juneteenth Houston Artists Meet & Greet @ Capital One Cafe

Absolute Equality-Juneteenth Houston Artists Meet & Greet @ Capital One Cafe

We are still buzzing with excitement from the incredible Artists Meet & Greet event held at the Houston Galleria Capital One Cafe on June 11, 2023. It was an evening filled with art, literature, food, and music, all in celebration of Juneteenth and the creative spirit of our community. Renowned artist Reginald Adams graced us with his presence, sharing his artistic journey and the powerful meaning behind the Absolute Equality-Juneteenth mural project. His insights and passion left us inspired and deeply moved. We were honored to have Juneteenth children's book author Van Garrett join us for a thought-provoking conversation about the importance of representation in literature and the significance of Juneteenth in educating young minds. His words resonated with everyone in the room. Culinary chef Mark Anthony Hawkins delighted our taste buds with a tantalizing taste of Juneteenth. Each dish was a flavorful tribute to African American cuisine, reminding us of the rich heritage and traditions associated with this historic celebration. Pastry chef Dorian Robertson, aka Madam Glaze, spoiled us with her delectable desserts. The fusion of traditional flavors and modern creativity was simply divine, leaving us craving for more. All Real Radio was on-site, capturing the essence of the evening and recording the captivating conversation between the artists. Stay tuned for their upcoming broadcast, where you can relive the enlightening discussions and soak in the artistic energy that filled the room. And let's not forget DJ Risky Cereral, who set the perfect vibe with freedom frequencies and high-vibration sounds. The music had us tapping our feet and embracing the joyous spirit of Juneteenth. We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to Capital One for their generous sponsorship, which made this event possible. Their commitment to supporting art and community initiatives is truly commendable. Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to the success of this memorable event. Your presence and enthusiasm made it a truly special evening. Let's continue to celebrate Juneteenth, uplift marginalized voices, and promote unity through the power of art. Cheers to freedom for everyone and Happy Juneteeenth 2023! #ArtistsMeetandGreet #JuneteenthCelebration #AbsoluteEquality #HoustonEvents #CommunityInspiration
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