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Denver's connection to Juneteenth is deeply rooted in the Great Migration and the traditions brought by African Americans who settled in the city.

Today, Denver proudly celebrates Juneteenth as an official state holiday, fostering a sense of unity and remembrance while acknowledging the historical significance of this important day.


Community Partner

EDENS purpose is to enrich community through human engagement. We are the owner, developer and steward of a nationally leading portfolio of more than 100 open-air retail and mixed-use places in high-growth markets coast to coast.

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Thomas Evans  aka Detour

Featured Artist

Thomas Evans, a.k.a. Detour, is an all-around creative specializing in large scale public art. The murals that Detour paints occupy the space at the intersection of contemporary art and community. Detour’s work seeks to highlight the heart and soul of their surroundings and provide a unique visual representation in an abstract and colorful way.  


With each mural there is a relationship building opportunity that results in a product that is derived from its surrounding. The style that Detour executes, uses splashes of bold and bright color in an abstract way while still creating a recognizable form that feels familiar with the audience. The overall design of the murals are always aiming to bring head tuning visuals to the environment that can uplift and provide a sense of excitement.


Simply put, the goal for his work is to create a visual that all can enjoy while having a piece that speaks to the community.

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