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Artist paints mural to commemorate Juneteenth in Miami

MIAMI – Artist Tierra Armstrong used Juneteenth as an inspiration for a new mural in the area of Northwest 21 Terrace near Fifth Place, in Miami’s Overtown.

She said the “Absolute Equality-Juneteenth” mural near Wynwood also pays tribute to the Lyric Theater, which first opened its doors in 1913 when the city upheld state segregation statutes.

“I really wanted to include the beautiful highlighted moments that Black history went through in this city,” Armstrong said. Armstrong is also known for a mural she painted as a tribute to Danny Agnew, of The Roots Collective, who died last week during a car crash.

“He had inspirations from Chicago where he came from, inspirations from Miami, the city that he loves and poured into, and also an ode to the community that he was trying to shape and uplift,” Armstrong said.

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