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Houston Public Library hosts Juneteenth mural dedication

The Absolute Equality Juneteenth mural dedication at the African American History Research Center in Houston's historic Freedman's Town on June 14, 2023, was an extraordinary moment in history that celebrated the rich heritage and significance of Juneteenth. We are immensely grateful to Capital One, the Houston Public Library, and the Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs for their unwavering support in bringing this monumental project to fruition. Special thanks to the exceptionally talented artists Prince Maduekwe, Dantrel Bonae Boone, Santiago Perez, Lesley Marie-Diaz, and Katya Dupond whose remarkable contributions added depth and beauty to the mural.

This dedication holds great importance as it marks the first official Juneteenth mural in Houston, Texas, produced by the world-renowned artist Reginald C. Adams. The mural not only reflects the indomitable spirit of the African American community but also serves as a powerful symbol of unity, resilience, and progress. It stands as a testament to the ongoing fight for equality and social justice.

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