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Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh's connection to Juneteenth is rooted in its historical significance as an Underground Railroad hub, its contributions to the abolitionist movement, its legacy of civil rights activism, and its modern-day celebrations of freedom and equality.


While Pittsburgh may not have been the site of Juneteenth's origin, it remains a vital part of the broader narrative of African American history and the ongoing struggle for justice and equality in the United States.

Rainbow Serpent

Community Partner

Rainbow Serpent is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to advancing Black LGBTQ culture through the exploration of emerging technologies, innovative healing protocols, African cosmologies, and multimedia art.


We are dedicated to promoting and celebrating the diversity and richness of Black LGBTQ culture while advancing healing and empowerment within the community. Our largest aim is to create a new radiant reality, one as resplendent and diverse as the Rainbow and as fertile and enduring as the Serpent. 

Rainbow Serpent group v1 - Marques Redd.JPG

Rainbow Serpent Collective

Featured Artists

The Absolute Equality-Juneteenth Public Art Initiative finds a kindred spirit in Rainbow Serpent. Both of our missions pivot on leveraging public art, community engagement, educational programs, and empowerment through Black visual arts as mediums of expression and change. In 2021, Rainbow Serpent orchestrated a series of Juneteenth public art installations, including 60 ft x 20 ft digital billboards, digital kiosks situated in 10 prime city locations, and engaging window vinyl installations. Subsequently, we have led Juneteenth townhall conversations, youth art workshops, and art showcases with the Pittsburgh Pirates. We look forward to building on this work with this mural project. We will host it on our headquarters located in the Greater Hill District neighborhood of Pittsburgh, which will add to the neighborhood’s historical significance as the epicenter of Black art and jazz. Under the banner of this initiative, we will celebrate Juneteenth and our rich heritage and history.

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