Absolute Equality-Juneteenth Mural Project

We are using public art and creativity to educate and engage communities in the social dialogue about racial equity and social justice while highlighting the significance of Juneteenth and the eternal pursuit of Absolute Equality.

Making history about history




Innovation in Community Engagement

Meet the Artists

Reginald C. Adams led a team of artists known as the Creatives to bring to life, “Absolute Equality,” a 5000 square foot mural that was completed and dedicated on June 19, 2021 in Galveston, TX, the birthplace of Juneteenth.  Now, they are taking the story of Juneteenth and the pursuit of Absolute Equality across America.

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In 2020, nationwide protests against racism and police brutality gave new urgency to Juneteenth, a holiday long-cherished by Black Americans—an observance of resilience in a centuries-old journey. 

Juneteenth is now observed annually on June 19, celebrating the emancipation of those enslaved in the United States, with varying degrees of official recognition. The United States, as of June 15, 2021, recognizes Juneteenth as a national holiday.

Absolute Equality aims to recontextualize Juneteenth as a pivotal moment in the arc of U.S. history while properly telling the story of its genesis, and historical and contemporary relevance through the power of public art.    


Take a journey through time through the prism of public art mural art as we learn the origin and history of Juneteenth. The day that enslaved people were freed and all of us were promised Absolute Equality. Learn the stories of those that pushed for it to become a State and then National Holiday