Who We Are

Reginald C. Adams

Reginald C. Adams

Founder & Creative Director

Reginald C. Adams is a world-renowned public artist engaged in creating public art installations in historic and under served communities across the United States.


As the lead artist and Creative Director for the Absolute Equality, Juneteenth mural in Galveston, Texas, Adams has turned his focus outwards to spearhead Absolute Equality, a national public art and community development initiative to bring the history of Juneteenth and the pursuit of Absolute Equality to communities across America.


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David L. Edwards


David L. Edwards, accredited business man and brand strategist, is principal owner of United National Insurance Agency, established in 1982.  Edwards is also a leader in the City of Houston. As a founding board member of the Midtown Redevelopment Authority, serving eighteen years, he has acted on behalf of the city of Houston  to  foster economic development and revitalization of  Midtown Houston.


David L. Edwards is  an advocate for personal and professional well being.  In 2004, Edwards founded the Texas Prostate Cancer Coalition, a 501-(C)-3 non-profit organization committed to the advocacy of making prostate cancer education and health care. As a principal of Access Development & Consulting, LLC, Edwards leads the corporate development and strategic planning division.


For Absolute Equality, David Edwards is committed to his brother, the late  State Representative Al Edwards Sr's life's work, "truth of our history as a race" and, for "black lives to      matter to black people".